Before you float


A list of reason NOT to float

You may not float if:

  • You have any communicable or infectious disease, illness, or skin disorder
  • You have a condition or are being medicated in any manner, which may be adversely affected, by profound relaxation and / or immersion in concentrated magnesium sulfate ( epsom Salt ) water
  • You're under the influence of any drugs or alcohol or illegal substances.
  • You have kidney disease.
  • You suffer from uncontrolled seizures or epilepsy or incontinence
  • You're menstruating.
  • You don't have written permission from your physician if your pregnant 
  • If you have spray tanned or used a tanning bed within 48 hrs
  • If you have a sunburn
  • If you have dyed your hair within 48 hrs
  • You have received a tattoo within the last 7 days
  • If your under 18 without a parents consent 
  • If you have schizophrenia
  • If your diabetic consult your physician
  • If you have high blood pressure it must be treated 

Before you Float

  • Do not shave or wax 24 hr prior to you float
  • Tattoos must be a week old
  • Hair dye must be of the permanent type 48 hr old. if its a temporary color you may not float for 3 weeks
  • If you have contacts you may want to bring a case and solution
  • May bring a swimsuit, if you like
  • No open or bleeding wounds 
  • Avoid caffeine before your float
  • Eat a small meal before


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