Benefits of float therapy


Why Float?

For decades, the physical and mental benefits of floatation therapy have been enjoyed by users across the world. The Wave Float Room offers a peaceful space to escape the hectic, stressful daily life. As you lay in a shallow pool of water and pure Epsom salt, your body floats like a cork in the solution. For true sensory deprivation, the room’s air and water are maintained at body temperature, and light and sound are controlled. Alternatively, underwater music and color light therapy can be added if preferred. From head to toe, your body will be completely rested and at ease. Meanwhile, your brain is able to relax and meditate – even achieving the elusive theta state. It is truly a unique, rejuvenating experience.While everyone enters the Wave Float Room for different reasons, the benefits of flotation therapy can be enjoyed for days after your session.


Enhancing mind, body, and spirit:

Promotes total calm and peaceful relaxation

Alleviates mental and physical stress

Expands awareness and intensifies acuteness of all senses

Speeds the healing process

Decreases the production of cortisol and adrenaline

Increases production of endorphins

​Relieves pain from arthritis, migraines, and injuries

​Boosts immune function​

​Improves circulation and distribution of oxygen and nutrients

​Reduces blood pressure, pulse, heart rate, and oxygen consumption

​Improves athletic performance

​Helps prevent sports injuries

​Eliminates fatigue and jet leg

​Heightens visualization

​Deepens meditation

​Diminishes depression, anxiety, and fear


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